Who am I

A prolific MC, DJ and VJ, Sanchit Satish started his career in the professional event industry at a young age of 18. 5 years of entertaining people on and off stage has left him with a huge fan base.

Keeping his audience thrilled the entire performance , be it with the mic or the DJ console, is just a proof for the immense energy and good vibes he brings out.
Sanchit Satish started playing percussion to start off his career in the world of music.
The passion and love for music he has is dynamic, which equally reflects on his personality on-stage. This versatile artist started off with a mic on college fests, grabbing the attention of his audience very quickly!

And now he plays for corporate,weddings and parties by which he has credited over 500 shows to his career. Sanchit is also a team member of OnceMore, renowned team of artists and The Stoned Bramhin, a new album to get you grooving instantly. As a DJ, his knowledge in EDM/ROCK/BOLLY/TOLLY/PUNJABI is just phenomenal, which instantly makes him a crowd pleaser. His skill of judging the crowd and playing for them is an asset which he possesses in-turn making every event a memorable one.

As a Master of Ceremonies, humor is his trump card, plays it cool but still reflects a command over his language for any of his performances. His fluency in English, Kannada and Hindi makes him a versatile MC. As said earlier the energy he brings out on stage is an experience which cannot be explained.

As a video jockey, he knows how to get your attention immediately. With over 2 years of experience, he has the right knowledge of mapping and portrays exceptional conference and concert visuals

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